Customer Notice
Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, DeCamp Bus Lines will be temporarily suspending all service, effective Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

All expired tickets will be honored until September 1, 2020. We will monitor conditions and provide additional extensions, if necessary.

We are making preparations for the resumption of service. We are monitoring New York City very closely, and once we have some clear guidance on the reopening of the city, we will begin to operate some limited service. We are anticipating that service will resume over the next several weeks, but we cannot provide a specific date at this time, but we urge passengers to monitor Port Authority alerts, the DeCamp Bus Lines web page and the Twitter feed, since we will broadcast the date and initial schedule as soon as we have a firm reopening date. We anticipate that the service initially will be limited and we will increase service as we approach some level of post-pandemic normalcy.

We are working to ensure that our passengers and employees are as safe as possible when we resume service, so there will be requirements to wear face coverings, cash fares will temporarily be exact change only, and we will ask passengers to deposit tickets and cash, after showing them to the driver for registering, into a fare collection box so we can limit contact between passengers and drivers. We are also fogging every bus in the fleet with a hydrogen peroxide electrostatic fog, which in addition to on-going cleaning of all frequent contact points in the bus will reduce the chance for virus transmission.

Thank you,
DeCamp Bus Lines

Customer Notice
Due to a sharp decrease in demand with many of our customers temporarily staying home, DeCamp Bus Lines will be temporarily suspending weekend service, effective Saturday March 21, 2020.

In addition, DeCamp Bus Lines will be operating on a Modified Weekday Schedule, effective (DATE).

Modified Weekday Schedules can be viewed and downloaded on our website at

        Modified Weekday Route #32 (PDF)
Modified Weekday Route #44/99 (PDF)
        Modified Weekday Route #66/66R (PDF)
        Modified Weekday Route #33 (PDF)
We will post additional updates as necessary.