Charter Services

Why Charter with DeCamp?

Getting there has never been easier and traveling as a group never better. DeCamp’s fleet of modern buses ranges in style and capacity to accommodate the different sizes and destinations of your group.

From small van sizes or larger metro vehicles for local commutes, people movers for mid-sized regional trips and luxuriously appointed motor coaches for cross country tours, we match the right vehicle to your needs for the best value.

DeCamp Bus Lines offers a fleet of modern deluxe motor coaches dedicated to charter service.  All buses are equipped with climate control, reclining seats, rest rooms, overhead storage for carry-on; lower locking luggage bays, lighted isle floor, overhead and individual seat reading lights, video monitors with DVD capabilities; P.A. system for announcements & tours, surround sound for video and musical CDs, and accommodations for wheel chair accessibility.

You’ll enjoy comfortable, interior accommodations equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Vehicles are meticulously maintained and our courteous, experienced drivers thoroughly trained. And while we drive you can watch a movie, read a book, catch a nap or interact
with fellow passengers.

Experience the camaraderie, comfort and convenience of a group charter.
We’ll handle all the details. All you have to do is get on and enjoy the ride.

The cost differential between car transportation and bus transportation is enormous.

A planned excursion gets friends and family together for good times during your trip. No one has to worry about the road, traffic, finding the map, or any of the other headaches associated with travel. Your entire group can enjoy the trip together, no need to meet up or create a caravan of cars, just pick a spot and have a DeCamp motor coach come to the pickup point and climb aboard.

The safety, reliability and dependability of DeCamp Bus Service is un-paralleled. Our motor coach operators are professional drivers who take great pride in bringing our passengers to their destination and home again safely. DeCamp Bus Lines also has a staff of trained and certified mechanics and service technicians that do their best to insure your motor coach is prepared for its journey and will take you there and back again safely and efficiently. DeCamp Bus Lines has a staff of dispatchers and transportation supervisors that are on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and should a need arise they will strive to handle any problem that may occur. DeCamp Bus Lines has a sales staff that will take your order, prepare your contract and assure that all the details for your trip are covered.

A wide range of services including:
Daily commuter services to NYC.
Daily corporate & college shuttles.
Custom-designed charter & tours.

Our forty (40) passenger vehicles are ideally suited for corporate groups attending meetings, after work entertainment and airport transfers. Bridal parties, groomsmen and wedding guests find the extra size a step up from limousines and perfectly suited for the occasion.

Our fifty-five (55) passenger buses are ideally suited for larger groups, further distance trips as well as multiple day tours.

Our customer base is large, diverse and far a-field. They include school groups, church congregations, Fortune 500 corporations, travel agents, tour planners, event specialists (i.e. weddings, conventions), daily and weekly (summer camp) transfers, municipal, park and recreation groups, destinations vendors (i.e. work directly with amusement parks, airports, and museums).